The Laboratoire Seduna focus on life enhancing, advanced medical and cosmetic treatments that are inspired by nature.  The development of Cell Booster products is the culmination of rigorous scientific research carried out in Switzerland, and the result of more than 20 years of clinical experience in cooperation with the world’s leading biotechnology companies, and their scientists to deliver “cutting edge” world class products to the marketplace.  Cell Booster formulations contain the most technologically advanced active ingredients available and these active ingredients are what set our products apart from others as we are often the first to use them in combinations for synergistic benefits, and at their maximum levels for optimal efficacy.  These levels are supported by comprehensive clinical research carried out by these leading biotechnology companies, to validate the efficacies of our active ingredients. The Laboratoire Seduna will continually strive to gain an unmatched level of knowledge in the science and application of anti-aging products.

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